2019 EDiversity Annual Report

About EDiversity EDiversity maintains a very lean structure since our founding in 2014 . A big majority of our operations are supported by funders , and a small proportion comes from sales of books and other forms of fundraise and voluntary work . As our operation expands and we are seeing more demand for our service , we are looking for ways to diversify income sources to become self - sustainable . During the year , EDiversity Social Enterprise was formed in preparation for this . It is yet to operate , but when it does it will be a company that provides services and programmes at a fee , but aligned with the vision and mission of EDiversity . It will also plough back 30 % of its profits after cost to support EDiversity ' s charity work . Chairman Mac Chan Ho Ting Directors  Mac Chan Ho Ting Robert Highfield Operations Committee Cam Cheung (CEO) Dennis Wu Doreen Ho Karen Chow Mac Chan Ho Ting ((Honorary legal advisor) Robert Highfield Vivian Cheung Founders  Cam Cheung Karen Chow Michell Huang Mentors Ms. Ada Wong Ying-kay Professor Cheng Kai Ming Professor Stephen Chiu Wing Kai Advisors Ms. Fiona Ching Mr. Joseph Wan Mr. Terence Cheung EDiversity Affiliates Kau Kun Chui Kit Tso Nick Wang

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